What are they?

For nuclear safety case submissions, barriers are put in place to ensure that any errors or omissions are identified and resolved, especially for submissions that may have significant nuclear safety consequences if inadequately conceived or executed. Independent assessments are one of these barriers, carried out by experienced personnel who have an adequate depth and breadth of experience who understand how the specific safety submission(s) (or associated deliverable) fits into the bigger picture.

Peer reviews provide an independent view of nuclear safety related practices, typically focusing on determining whether the approach, philosophy, methodology or high-level conclusions are appropriate rather than confirming that technical details are correct. Peer Reviews are carried out in a less formal manner than verification or independent assessment.

Why are they important?

Independent assessments and peer reviews are key steps in the safety case process to ensure that there are no errors or omissions present within the nuclear safety case and associated deliverables. They are used mainly for safety submissions of higher safety significance. They provide increased assurance that the risks associated with a nuclear facility or process are adequately understood and controlled.

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What do we do?

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  • Independent assessment of nuclear safety case submissions.
  • Independent technical reviews (including an embedded role within an organisation) of nuclear organisations.
  • Peer reviews of technical and safety deliverables.

We provide experts in a variety of technical areas including internal and external hazards, fault studies, plant modifications, fuel route, and electrical, mechanical, Instrumentation and Control, and civil design. We can also provide extensive expertise in probabilistic safety case and human factors.

Our work

Our key team members have been involved in independent nuclear safety assessment at EDF Energy Nuclear Generation, providing independent technical review within EDF Energy Nuclear New Build, peer reviews for documentation relating to nuclear facilities and an international WANO peer review of a nuclear power plant in Germany.

Independent assessments and peer reviews for the International Atomic Energy Authority (IAEA) has included reviews of the safety cases for the design of new nuclear power plants against IAEA safety standards, and Independent PSA Review Team (IPSART) missions to review the PSAs produced for nuclear power plants. Our team members have also been involved in carrying out the Independent Technical Assessment of the Hinkley Point C safety reports and supporting analyses.

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