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Colin Tucker

Topic: MiniSim – A Desktop PWR Simulator running in MS Excel

Overview: Of course it’s important to have high fidelity simulators within the nuclear industry. These are mostly used for Operator training; but what about everybody else? Time on the full scope simulators is precious, and without preparatory training, experience of these simulators can simply be overwhelming. The MiniSim was developed to address this gap. It is portable, customisable, and easy to understand with just a few minutes’ introduction. It is available for anyone on the Station to use, and can be shared with Universities to supplement their courses.

MiniSim was recognised by IAEA as a ‘Good Practice’ during Sizewell B’s 2015  OSART (Operational Safety Review Team) review. This talk will briefly explain the origins and operation of the MiniSim but will concentrate on practical demonstration e.g. steady PWR (MiniSim) operation, transients, fault response etc.



Colin Tucker is  currently the Nuclear Safety Group Head at Sizewell B. The role of the Nuclear Safety Group is primarily an advisory one, ensuring that the station stays within the bounds of the current Sizewell B safety case, and that the safety case is maintained up to date with developments worldwide. Some of the group’s time is spent in monitoring performance of the reactor and they are generally the first-point-of-contact for regulator queries.

Colin studied Physics at London University and started his career in the Reactor Physics group at Hinkley Point ‘A’ before moving to Sizewell B’s Training Centre in 1995. He has worked within the Nuclear Safety Group at Sizewell B since 1998, specialising in development of the Technical Specifications (Operating Rules). This led to an involvement with the conversion of the AGR Operating Rules into the current Technical Specifications format. Colin took over leadership of the Sizewell B Nuclear Safety Group in 2016. He is a Chartered Physicist and is a qualified Guard and Signalman on the Ffestiniog Railway.

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