Context and Challenges

The UK defence industry plays a critical role in protecting our country and ensuring our armed forces have the assets, infrastructure and systems they need to function effectively. Technology is at the forefront of this capability and the human is an integral part of these complex systems.


In 2021 the UK Government committed to an investment of £188 billion over the next four years into Ministry of Defence (MoD), focusing on new equipment and aligning capabilities to enable a more efficient defence system. This includes £6.6 billion for Research & Development.


On a global scale, ever-changing geo-political and economic shifts along with constant technological innovations signify the constant demand for safeguarding and risk protection capabilities.

Our Expertise

Our consultants have considerable experience in supporting MoD operations, projects and its supply chain; supplying independent and objective guidance and support across all stages of the defence procurement cycle. CRA projects with MoD Departments include: Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), Defence Equipment and Support Organisation (DE&S), T-Class and A-Class submarines and their support facilities at the Naval Bases, Defence Human Capabilities Science and Technology Centre (DHCSTC), and the AWE.

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