Context and Challenges

The UK is serviced by a complex and diverse infrastructure including transport, aerospace and power generation. A multitude of technical systems (both analogue and digital) are at the centre of ensuring the safe operation of these systems. These systems are safety-critical and are the subject of regulatory authority, which ensures the operators have a legal obligation to maintain Safety Cases to ensure the safe operation of their assets.

Our Expertise

Our team of consultants have extensive experience of providing safety and risk analysis for these systems. They understand how components and systems fail under normal and faulted operating conditions. Using expert knowledge of the safety regulations we can provide expert guidance to ensure safe operation of assets, the effects of the operator in the system (Human Factors), and compliance. Our analysis can identify how to maximise the operational performance of your assets and improve maintainability in their given environment.

Rail System Safety

Our team of safety consultants has a wealth of experience from providing Rail System Safety services to clients in the UK and internationally, covering the following capabilities:

  • Rail System RAMS/Engineering Safety Management
  • Safety Management Systems
  • Operational Safety Risk Management
  • Human Factors Integration
  • Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Enterprise Risk Management

Please see our Services pages for more details of our Safety Case, Human Factors and Risk and Reliability capabilities.

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