Context and Challenges

There are 37 licensed nuclear facilities within the United Kingdom, including nine operational civil nuclear sites, and several processing and defence related facilities. New nuclear power stations are also being built, with continual innovations within the nuclear space at various stages of development.


Internationally, there are 106 nuclear power reactors operating in 13 of the 27 EU member states, which account for over one-quarter of the electricity generated in the whole of the EU. In the Middle East nuclear power offers a medium- to long- term alternative electricity option which additionally could provide a low-cost energy source for seawater desalination. In Asia, electricity generating capacity and specifically nuclear power are growing significantly. There are approximately 135-140 operable nuclear power reactors, about 30-35 under construction and firm plans to build an additional 50-60 with many more proposed.


Each site has a multitude of challenges, from legacy waste and ageing infrastructure to new, innovative systems and processes to manage and safeguard. Each challenge therefore has its own regulatory and safety protocols that site staff must adhere to.

Our Expertise

CRA applies its unique expertise to support: existing nuclear sites, Nuclear New Build projects, Advanced Nuclear Technologies, Decommissioning, Defence, and the work of the Regulators.

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