Context and Challenges

The power market is expanding and diversifying in the UK and across the world. Carbon intensive power capacity is set to be phased out and needs to be replaced with low-carbon energy solutions. The diverse range of power generation technologies currently available and forthcoming are a reflection of the decades of progress in R&D.

Global challenges include the shift from fossil fuels to renewable and sustainable energy sources to ensure supply meets increasing demand for utilities, transport and innovations in infrastructure, among other sectors.

Regardless of the sources of power, many of the basic regulations, skills and practices of Risk and Safety are consistent. A policy of further education for current practitioners and teaching new entrants are key. At CRA this is exactly what we practice, through Continued Professional Development and targeting/development of incomers.

Our Expertise

Our consultants support the continued operation of UK power stations with hazard and risk analyses.

At CRA we support the UK government’s drive to reduce CO2 emissions through a diverse energy mix. Our focus reaches across all of our services and aims to understand the issues, advise our clients and improve safety and risk profile of their projects.

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