Context and Challenges

The UK process industry consists of several sectors including Oil and Gas, Chemical and Pharmaceutical. These industries have grown in size and complexity over many years and are now multi-million pound business sectors. A complex and varied supply chain provides expert technical equipment and consultancy services to support new and existing projects. These industries comprise a major segment of the UK economy with a highly diverse risk profile and are set to grow significantly over the next 10 to 15 years.


As the pandemic and the risks brought about by climate change have made evident, the need to pre-empt and prepare for further global challenges is vital. The process industry now has an opportunity to contribute to a more innovative, sustainable and healthier world.

Our Expertise

We offer a value-added service to increase personnel safety and assure the continued safe operation of assets by identifying risks and hazards, and providing control and mitigation measures specific to each industry sector.

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Industrial Process Assurance

CRA offers a robust approach in the following key areas to ensure the lifecycle integrity of safety systems designed to protect people, the environment or asset by:


  • Identifying appropriate techniques to enable clear identification and analysis of potential risks
  • Facilitating and recording hazard studies
  • Identifying of risk reduction measures to control identified risks
  • Selecting and applying of proportionate risk prevention and control measures to reduce the risks arising to As Low As Is Reasonably Practicable (ALARP)
  • Developing and implementing appropriate Safety Management Systems (SMS) to ensure the safe conduct of operations


CRA draws on the technical excellence and business awareness of a highly experienced team. Our personnel includes professionals from relevant engineering disciplines, who have significant experience established in some of the UK’s largest manufacturing companies.

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