Risk Forum 2018

CRA's 9th Annual Risk Forum, will bring together Risk Specialists working across a number of sectors to discuss: ‘My number, your number, our number’ – Managing expectations of all stakeholders.

This unique event is organised for Risk/Safety/Human Factors Professionals and is heavily subsidised by CRA. The Risk Forum provides a platform for knowledge transfer, exchange of best practice and networking amongst peers.


Register for the 2018 Risk Forum

* Free places available to students and retirees only


Speakers and topics

The speaker list becomes more and more impressive each year and provides increasing opportunities for delegates’ professional development. This year we will have speakers from a wide range of mission critical industries.


Speaker: Dr Claire Taylor

Topic: Looking between the numbers. To


Speaker: Dr Clive Stainton, CyberQ Group

Topic: Cyber data and resilience: the good, the bad and the ugly.  To read more...


Speaker: Diletta Colette Invernizzi, Leeds University

Topic:  What makes a Nuclear Decommissioning Project Successful? (How benchmarking will help your company).  To read more...


Speaker: Joel Robinson, Office for Nuclear Regulation

Topic:  Perspective from the regulator: numbers - deterministic and probabilistic.  To read more...


Reasons to attend the 2018 Risk Forum


1. Gain knowledge and information on the latest techniques and developments
2. Gain cross-industry perspective
3. Keep up-to-date with latest industry practices
4. Contribute to the voice for quantified risk analysis
5. Aid your CPD


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