CRA was the brain child of Mr Garry Cooksley and Mr Jasbir Sidhu and came into existence in November 2000. The vision at that time was to develop a highly focused risk analysis service, primarily for the nuclear industry. From Garry’s dining room table Jas and Garry started the process of developing the CRA infrastructure, Management systems, IT, HR, Finance to name a few. Wining work and satisfying prospective client’s needs was key to the success of CRA. This required having a robust Quality System that Garry developed taking into consideration his considerable experience in developing and managing Quality Systems and processes. Within months, Garry and Jas went on a recruitment campaign and started to develop the team. CRA initially began recruiting senior members of staff in order to meet client requirements. At the outset, there was always a desire to develop the next generation of risk and safety analysts which lead to the requirement to develop internally training programmes and recruit graduate/junior members into the team.

Sharing and developing knowledge is a key trait of the CRA DNA and there has been significant interaction with universities from the start. CRA have provided courses and lectures for numerous universities such as Imperial College London and Cambridge University. Many students have been developed via Engineering Doctorate sponsorships, MSc. placements and other internships. CRA has had a longstanding involvement with the Industry led Nuclear Science and Technology MSc., a course which spans a large consortium of cooperating universities in the UK. Many of these interactions have resulted in CRA employment with many longstanding members of staff at CRA having joined via this route. CRA also developed relationships and worked with organisations such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), other engineering institutions and the Nuclear Institute in the UK. Today, Jas is the President of the Nuclear Institute with the remit to promote independent professional development in the industry.

These relationships with higher education and other organisations at the forefront for progress in the Risk community led to the idea of bringing leading practitioners and researchers together to share ideas, and in 2010 the CRA Risk Forum was born. The Risk Forum has been a great success and has evolved into the Risk and Safety forum and 13 years on is a worldwide recognised industry event for risk and safety practitioners.

Team working together

Team working together

Over time, CRA has expanded its services from Risk Analysis to include Safety Case, Engineering Substantiation and Human Factors, again recruiting highly experienced and respected senior staff, as well as juniors/graduates and developing current staff to work in other services. Today CRA is a multidisciplinary team specialising in the development of holistic risk analyses and safety cases taking into consideration the role of the human being to meet regulatory and operational objectives.


In June 2020, CRA joined the Assystem family embarking on a new chapter in its development. Assystem is the second largest nuclear engineering company in the world, and as such has opened up a huge number of opportunities to CRA in the UK and internationally.

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