What is it?

A Safety Case is simply a structured argument that is supported by substantial evidence, intended to demonstrate the ability to operate safely. Safety Cases can take many forms and are widely used in high-hazard and safety-critical applications where failure or malfunction may lead to devastating consequences such as loss of life or serious injury, serious environmental damage, or harm to plant or property. Industries include transportation (such as aviation, automotive and rail), medical devices, chemical production, and energy production (such as Oil & Gas and Nuclear).

CRA, along with parent organisation Assystem, are developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool to help safety case writers. Its name is Safety Bot.


We have developed Safety Bot as we believe there is an opportunity to largely reduce the time and effort to write a Safety Case, as well as enhance their quality through the use of the latest innovation in task automation and Artificial Intelligence.

Why is it important?

Safety Case writing is currently a labour-intensive process requiring an enormous amount of time and effort. This includes gathering information that exists in many forms (Word, Excel, images, report scans, databases) that is often difficult to find. It then requires reading them page-by-page until you find the information you need. When starting to write up a Safety Case, it usually never starts from a blank sheet of paper, because similar claims and arguments can be re-used. This obviously involves digging into other similar safety cases and extracting the relevant information for the new Safety Case – a very time-consuming task.


Safety Bot aims to save time, create more efficient Safety Case processes and instead focuses resources and team efforts in determining the unique aspects of compiling a Safety Case.

What do we do?

Safety Bot uses AI technologies such as natural language processing, deep learning and other cognitive approaches to process thousands of articles. The technology learns patterns in the data and discovers higher-order connections between that data that are relevant for use.


Safety Bot can then help the Safety Case writer by presenting the information that is relevant for the particular task. Safety Bot will not take over but partner with the Safety Case writer. For the most part, humans remain indispensable, however they can offload repetitive and mundane searching and writing tasks onto Safety Bot, freeing them up for the important and critical characteristics of each Safety Case.

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