What is it?

EROS – Enterprise Risk Operating System – is a centralised dashboard designed to visualise an organisation’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) that affect them.

CRA, along with parent organisation Assystem, have built eROS that lets organisations integrate their performance and risk data into one easy-to-use platform.

Developed by risk professionals and data scientists, eROS transforms complex information into logical and user-friendly visualisations. This allows entire organisations to instantly draw upon useful insights to make those important risk-based decisions necessary for success.

Why is it important?

Risk is the main cause of uncertainty in any organisation. Companies have suffered enormous losses in revenue, unexpected costs and reputational damage, frequently because of poor risk management and decision making that could have been avoided.


There are excellent risk models and risk registers available for organisations to make the best decisions for safety, resilience, and success. However, these tools are often disconnected and locked in silos. Typically, data can only be understood by individuals who have an in-depth knowledge in the area. This makes it difficult for organisations to have clear, relevant information at hand to allow Executive-level decisions to be made regarding risk. eROS eliminates these difficulties.

What do we do?

CRA created eROS to provide ISO31000 compliant solutions for a range of markets, industries and functions where high levels of risk are present. eROS provides an analysis and reporting platform for several risk areas, including Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Probabilistic Safety Analysis (PSA), Reliability, Availability, Maintainability & Safety (RAMS), Asset Management, Project risk, Liabilities risk and Cyber risk.

eROS was developed with these objectives in mind:

One place for all – eROS aggregates and transforms all your performance and risk metrics, regardless of type and volume, onto a single coherent dashboard. You can tell the full story through graphs and visualisations, gaining new insights from once fragmented data sets.

Drill-down functionality – An executive overview is provided for your organisation’s performance and risks with the ability to drill down into more detail when needed.

Better insights – eROS is designed by engineers, data scientists and risk professionals. Their knowledge is encapsulated into eROS letting you readily access insights for making more effective risk-based decisions.

Customisable – We fit eROS around you, offering the flexibility to keep using your software, spreadsheets and processes. With a little effort from our team, we tune the eROS smart engine to fit your models and documents, allowing you to effortlessly update your dashboard in real-time as new data comes in.

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